How to and why root your Android phone

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Why Root your Android?

  • Ability to download new Rom (software) developed or improved by the community. This means more features such as better speed, new UI.
  • The ability to download later android versions such as Android 2.3 when your mobile manufacturer hasn’t got round to updating your more than capable phone. It normally takes developers no more than a month or 2 to release a fully working Rom of the latest Android version.
  • Your phone will have full root access. This means that you can install apps that allow you to overclock your device (make your cpu run faster than it is set to), make your device a wifi hotspot for free, uninstall unwanted preinstalled apps like Kindle for some devices and much more.
  • Install Pure Android.
  • Root you android because you can.

Why Avoid rooting Android?

  • You will void your warranty. This means that if your phone needs repair then your phone manufacturer may refuse to fix it because you rooted it. However, you can install stock Android again so effectively de-rooting so they will not know any better.
  • If you install a new rom you will lose all carrier/manufacturer apps, customizations. This could be an app that you rely on such as the Tmobile wifi app that Roger in the comment uses and doesn’t want to lose, pre installed android games, widgets and themes that the manufacturer pre installs. You may have noticed that this is also an advantage, this is because some people love these customizations/add ons while others think they are a waste of space and slow down their device. However, this isn’t a very strong reason to avoid rooting your Android in any case because by simply rooting your device you will not lose anything, it is when you download a new Rom. So if you really want to keep your carrier/manufacturer specific apps/customizations then you can still root.
  • You may want to keep things simple. Yes, rooting does bring a huge amount of benefits. However, whenever there is an update you have to download the update file, copy it to your device, install it and then possibly have to reinstall all of your apps and customizations again.

How to Root your Android?

Every android device has its own rooting process. Visit the Unlockr website here, choose your android phone and select the “How to Root…” guide. Follow the guide and then follow the guide on how to install a Rom.

Where to find Roms/Software

Visit my other blog if you have a Htc Desire, Htc Hero or Samsung Galaxy S. If you have another mobile then search for (your mobile name here) Roms.

Is it Legal/authorised?

Most of you will know that Android is open source so the software can be freely changed and distributed.

Is it Safe?

Rooting your device is safe if you read the instructions carefully before you start. However, if you do manage to break your device then you may have voided your warranty so do proceed with caution.


I have had a rooted Android device for over a year now and have enjoyed the latest android updates and improved speed and new features. If you are comfortable with rooting your device and its potential risks then I would highly recommend that you root your device!

If you are still confused about anything leave your question in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP.

About the Author

Caleb is an 18 year old student from England. He bought an Android mobile over a year ago and has been a self confessed Android fan ever since. Caleb is passionate about helping people to make the most of their Android.

4 Comments on "How to and why root your Android phone"

  1. Roger February 17, 2011 at 10:43 pm · Reply

    Something I never see in these “root” guides is information about what you lose. For example does Market and all the other Google apps continue to work? What about apps you have paid for? On Tmobile I have their wifi calling and it must function due to no coverage at home. Will that still work and be updated by them? When Google rolls out their new music stuff is that going to work too?

  2. calebk February 17, 2011 at 10:46 pm · Reply

    Hi Roger, very good point! I will edit the post to add what you lose.

  3. calebk February 17, 2011 at 10:52 pm · Reply

    And to answer your specific questions. Simply rooting your device will not delete any apps and you will be able to install and do everything you did before. However, if you install a new Rom on the device this is what will happen:
    You will not lose any apps you have paid for as you can redownload them from the marketplace, every app will continue to work, you will lose your T-mobile app and all T-mobile apps unless you can download them on the marketplace (try and do a search for them), Like I said before, all apps will continue to work and be available so when Google rolls out its new music stuff that will work. In fact you are more likely to be able to download the latest apps as you can get the latest android version.

    Thanks, Calebk

  4. Alvin John October 16, 2011 at 7:36 am · Reply

    I would like to ask “How to root Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0″.
    I’ve been looking all over the net on how to root it but I failed.
    I remember about SuperOneClick root, but someone told me
    that I should not root my android device with just one click to
    root. So any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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