How to Play audio 2x speed on Android

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Do you listen to podcasts or audiobooks? Have you ever tried listening to them 2x faster?

Half a year ago on my iPod I tried listening to podcasts 2x faster. The podcasts I listened to could go on for 2 hours so playing these podcasts twice as fast meant I finished them in a bearable amount of time. Did I find 2x was too fast? It depends how fast the people on the podcasts/audiobook were speaking but I found it very easy to listen to nearly every podcast at twice the speed!

Anyway, I used my iPod Touch to listen to podcasts from then on because as far as I was aware, Android did not have a 2x speed feature. Recently I did some research and found out that there was one android app with this feature called Astro Player.

If you have ever tried 2x speed on an older device you may know that speeding up audio will make the pitch higher resulting in voices sounding like chipmunks. Astro Player speeds up the audio while keeping the same pitch so it is a very advanced app.

I have found a few disadvantages though:

  • If you use a podcast manager that plays podcasts aswell you will have to download the podcast from the podcast manager and then find and play the podcast in Astro Player. Not a huge disadvantage but it does add a few more steps to playing your podcast.
  • The quality of the audio when playing podcasts twice as fast is slightly reduced.

Price: Free but to get 2x speed feature you need the upgrade which is $2.99 (£1.86)

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  1. Max F. Exter April 23, 2012 at 2:50 pm · Reply

    Dogcatcher can do it. It requires a secondary program to actually handle the 2x component, but the quality is excellent. (In fact, you can vary the playback speed with considerably more precision than with an iPod)

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