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Google Cloud Print is a service that launched last year that allows you to print remotely from Google-print enabled apps. It was only this year that Google Cloud Print launched for Android. Google web mobile apps like Google Docs and Gmail now give you the option to print.

If you are on the move and want something to be printed when you get back to your home/office then Google Cloud Print is an ideal solution.

To set up Google Print you need to:

1. Make sure you have Google Chrome Installed on the computer that your printer is connected to. launch Google Chrome, click the wrench icon, click options, choose the Under the Bonnet category and then go to the Google Cloud Print section at the bottom. Then Sign in to your Google account.

2. Now download Cloud print BETA from the Android Marketplace. This app allows you to use Google Cloud Print to print Dropbox files, print files stored on your mobile and print from different apps such as the Gallery. For now we are going to use the app to print a test page. Once downloaded open it up and click the test page option. Click the Print “cloud Print test page” button. A test page should then be sent to your printer. If it doesn’t then go to Google’s help page to troubleshoot.

If the test page was sent to the printer then Google Cloud Print is successfully installed. Go to Gmail or another Google app like mobile Google Docs. Click on the double arrow button at the top of the web app. Click the print button, choose your printer and click print.


Before cloud printing, smart phone owners would have to send a file to their computer and then print the file from their computer. Google Cloud Print is a great solution to printing from your Android that worked flawlessly for me.


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    Hi Caleb,

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