How to synchronise chrome bookmarks with Android

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If you regularly use Google Chrome then it is likely that you have a huge amount of bookmarks stored on the browser. Wouldn’t it be great to sync those bookmarks with your Android mobile? There are many solutions which do just this but I believe the best app is ChromeMarks.


ChromeMarks is a great solution for syncing your Chrome bookmarks to Android. What makes it so special? the app syncs bookmarks by communicating with Google rather than requiring a chrome extension or Google Doc access. This means that all chrome bookmarks can be synced with a click of a button.

ChromeMarks gives you many ways to access Chrome bookmarks on your Android. Some are available to free users while others require the premium app which costs $2 (£1.25).

  • Scroll through bookmarks on app (free) – You can access all bookmarks by opening the ChromeMarks app and scrolling through them.
  • Search on app (free) – The ChromeMarks app has has a search feature which allows you to start typing the name of the bookmark and then get instant search results.
  • Google Search widget (free) – You can search through the bookmarks on the Google Search widget. You have to enable this on the widget by clicking on the search icon on the left of the widget, clicking the settings icon on the right of the widget and then ticking the ChromeMarks option.
  • Android browser (premium) – If you have bought the premium app then you can access the bookmarks through the Android browser bookmarks.
  • Any Market bookmarks widget (premium) You should be able to access the bookmarks via any bookmarks widget installed from the Marketplace if you have the premium app.

The premium app ads the following features aswell as the option to access bookmarks through Android browser and Market bookmarks widget:

  • *Full* create, edit and delete ability on any and all Chrome Bookmarks and Folders. Changes made on your phone are instantly visible in your desktop Chrome Browser.
  • Automatic sync. Sync at the same schedule as Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.
  • Create desktop shortcuts to your bookmarks or folders.
  • Replace or update any missing Chrome bookmark icons and see the new icon seconds later in your desktop browser.
  • Sync your Android Browser bookmarks to a folder visible and fully update-able in your desktop Chrome browser. Automatically two-way sync these bookmarks!
  • Sort bookmarks and folders in the same order as in Chrome.
  • No ads.


  • No need for extension or complicated sync process – The app allows you to sync bookmarks with a single button.
  • Many access options – The app gives you many ways to access the bookmarks such as a search feature in the app, a list of bookmarks in the app and on the search widget.


  • Experimental integration with Stock Android Browser – Android browser integration is experimental so you may not be able to rely on these feature.


If you want to access bookmarks on your Android then I would highly recommend this app. The app has many features and is extremely easy to use. If you can spare $2 (£1.25) then it is worth buying the premium app because it adds many nice features such as two way sync, the ability to edit and delete bookmarks and access through Android browser.

Price: Free and pro version for $2.03 (£1.25)



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