How to create panoramas on Android

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We all love Panoramas. Isn’t it so satisfying to look at a great panorama and see the whole view rather than part of it? I have always wanted to create a panorama but I didn’t have a camera and wasn’t sure how to create one. In this article I will explain how to use an Android app to easily create one.

Photaf has one simple purpose, to help you easily create panoramas on your Android. This is how you use the app to create a panorama:

1. When you open the app you will be presented with a menu, click the “Create Panorama” button
2. Choose a name for the panorama
3. Say yes to the automatic picture taking.
4. Now hold your camera out to take a picture. Look at the green arrow in the middle, move the phone in the direction the arrow is showing. If the arrow is pointing up then move your phone up, if it is pointing right then move your phone to the right.
5. Once you have your mobile in the right position a camera icon will pop up and the photo will be taken.
6. The green arrow will then tell you to move your phone to the right to take another picture.
7. Keep this is up and once you get back to where you started the app will start processing the panorama. The panorama will look something like this.


You can share the panorama via Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, MMS, Picasa, other apps you install and you can upload the panorama to

There is a free version of Photaf available. If you buy the premium version which costs $3.99 (£2.45) then you will get the following extra features:

  • Set as Live wallpaper
  • HD Mode
  • Camera portrait mode
  • Export to gallery folder
  • No ads



  • Guides you through the process – The app makes it very easy to create a panorama as it instructs you when you a creating it.
  • Merge works well – The app uses the orientation sensor so you take every picture at the right angle. This means that each photo is lined up correctly so the resulting panorama does not have wavy edges which could spoil it.
  • Ways of sharing – You can share your panorama in many ways, you can even upload your photo to the website.


  • Quality of photo – The panorama will be taken on your mobile camera so will not be as high quality if you used a n slr camera.


Photaf is an easy to use app which produces impressive panoramas. The pro version has many great extra features such as the ability to shoot a HD panorama and create a live wallpaper so if you can spare the few dollars then go for it.

Price: Free + $3.98 (£2.46) pro version



Either click the image on the left or scan the image with Barcode Scanner on your Android.


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