How to improve the speed of your SD Card

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Most Android mobiles have a tiny amount of internal storage so many of us rely on the SD Card to store media and apps. This means that you could have a fancy 1ghz dual core processor and it wouldn’t really matter because your SD Card would be slowing you down.


One way to improve the speed of your SD Card is by buying a speedier SD Card. I bought a class 6 MicroSD Card for my mobile and would recommend that you do the same. It may cost a bit but your SD Card is such an important part of your Android mobile I think it is worth the investment.

The second way of improving the speed of your SD Card is by installing the app, SD Increase. You need root access to use this app so if you haven’t then you might want to root your Android now. SD Increase is an app which increases the size of the cache on the SD Card. This increase of the cache has proven to drastically improve the speed of your SD Card. You should find that you can load apps faster, view photos faster, play songs faster and access many other things faster.

Note: Your mobile will lose the settings when you turn it off so you need to tick the box on the app that allows the app to run every time you turn on your mobile, you should also leave the app installed.

Screenshot of SD Increase Screenshot of SD Increase


If you can afford a faster MicroSD Card then I would recommend that you do this, you will notice a significant speed boost. If you have rooted your Android then I would also recommend that you download SD Increase. It is a free app that works extremely well.

Price: Free ad supported + pro version



Either click the image on the left or scan the image with Barcode Scanner on your Android.

SD Speed Increase

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7 Comments on "How to improve the speed of your SD Card"

  1. Mani July 9, 2012 at 10:27 am · Reply

    Great tutorial to increase the spped of the Android device :)

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