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I know how you feel. There is the manage applications app for uninstalling applications, a file manager for installing apps from SD Card, an app for backing up your apps and an app for installing apps to SD Card. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one app that can deal with all of these common app tasks.


AppMonster is an excellent app which makes it very easy to deal with common app tasks. You can do the following things with AppMonster:

  • Backup apps and restore (Free and Pro) – You can backup individual apps or every app. AppMonster does not backup some apps if they have been protected, this was only one of my apps out of 33. AppMonster only backs up the application and not the data. This means that you will lose any game scores, game saves, any downloads on the app etc. If you have the pro version the app will automatically backup the app when you install it, this will save you time having to go into AppMonster to back it up.
  • How much space is left (Free) – AppMonster has a bar at the top of the app which tells you how much space you have left on your mobile and SD Card. This will give you a good idea of how much space you have left to install apps and if you need to delete some media from your device.
  • Install from SD Card (Pro) – If you download apps out of the Android Market on the web and want to install them on your Android mobile then you can use a file manager to find the app on your SD Card to install. AppMonster has this built in and will show you a list of apk files on your SD Card that can be installed on your SD Card. Most of you won’t need this feature but if you do then this is a nice addition as it will save you needing an extra app and makes it very easy to find the right apk file.
  • Uninstall apps (Free and Pro) – Apps can be uninstalled on AppMonster very easily. Just press on the app you want to uninstall, choose Uninstall and press ok.  If you have the pro version you bulk uninstall by ticking the apps you want to uninstall and choosing the bulk uninstall option. You will have to press ok for each app.
  • Notify when app can be moved to SD (Pro) – Apps2SD is a vital for every Android user that likes to use many apps. Rather than having to go into the manage applications app when you install an app to see if it can be moved to SD Card, AppMonster will automatically notify you if it can be installed to SD Card and will give you the option to do this. This feature will save you lots of time and will save you from forgetting to move the apps to SD Card and then getting a low storage message.
  • Create apps list (Pro) – AppMonster will generate a list of all your Android apps and their links to the Android Market. The app will give you the option to send the list via many methods such as Gmail, SMS, Facebook. I don’t have a use for this but it might be useful if you want to show friends which apps you have installed or want to save the list so you know in the future what apps you had installed.

AppMonster has a very good user interface and all of the tools mentioned above can be easily used. The one app task that you can not complete with this app is updating apps but as the Android Market always notifies you when you have updates , this feature isn’t really needed.


  • Very easy to use – AppMonster is very easy to use and makes completing many different tasks incredibly easy.
  • Functions – The app has many great tools such as the apps2SD notifier and backup tool.
  • All in one – You no longer need to use multiple apps for managing applications. AppMonster will replace many different applications that you need to use which will save you time and frustration.


  • Premium version is expensive – The premium version costs $4.28 (£2.61). I think this is too expensive for a few extra features automatic backup and apps2sd notifications.
  • Doesn’t backup data – AppMonster does not backup app data. This means that you will lose all of the settings and data for your app which means you will lose data such as  game scores and downloads in the app.


If you need many of the features listed above then download this app. All of these can be achieved with other apps but it is nice to be able to access all of the tools in one place.

The main reasons to buy the premium version are the apps2SD Notifier, automatic backup and bulk install. I personally think the premium version is overpriced for these extra features but they do take many manual tasks away from you so if you want things done automatically then you might want to buy the app.

Price: Free + $3.52 (£2.18) pro version



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