view, share and edit photos on Android instantly beamed from your camera with Eyefi

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The great thing about taking photo’s on your Android mobile is that you can view, edit and share those photos instantly while away from home. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a higher quality picture on your point and shoot or SLR camera and still be able to view, edit and share those photos while on the move? Eyefi makes it possible with their new Android app.

You may have already heard of Eyefi. They create extremely popular SD Cards that connect to the internet. You put one of their SD Cards into your camera and when a wifi hotspot is available the SD Card will automatically send your photos to your computer. The idea being when you get to your computer all of your latest photos will have already synced saving you time and effort.

The launch of the Android app expands the ability of the SD Card. Like I mentioned before, any photos that you take will instantly appear on the Eyefi Android app. You can view and share your photos on that app. If you want to edit the photos all you have to do is save the photo to your Android gallery and then open that photo in an editing app such as PicSay Pro.


  • Extremely useful – The app is extremely useful and a great addition to the features of an Eyefi x2 card.
  • Instant backup to computer – The app can use your mobiles data connection to instantly backup your photos to your desktop.
  • Share options – The Eyefi apps give you the ability to share your app to many online photo sharing websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug.
  • Supports video – In this article I have been  talking about how this app lets you view, edit and share photos on your Android phone. The truth is, this app can also handle video which is a great feature. The video can then be directly uploaded to either Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug or Youtube.


  • Reliability – Many users have reported that they can’t get past the login screen. The app worked for most people you might as well give it a go and see if it works for you.


The Eyefi app is brilliant and expands the ability of an Eyefi SD Card a huge amount. If you have an Eyefi then I would recommend that you download this app straight away and make use of its fantastic features. If you don’t have an Eyefi SD Card and take many photos then why not go and buy one. They are not cheap at around £50 for a 4gb SD Card but they are extremely useful and worth the purchase in my opinion.

Price: Free + hardware cost



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  1. vl May 12, 2011 at 1:10 pm · Reply

    I use Picasa Tool to share photos and organize them into albums.

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