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It was just over a month ago that we explained how to get your Android mobile to look like Windows phone 7. Earlier today, Federico Carnales, the developer of the popular launcher called Launcherpro released a clone of the zune media player found on Windows phone 7.

A nice Engadget video compares the media player to the one on Windows phone 7. They find that the two media players are very similar. Watch it below:


To install the app, download it from here and side load it onto your Android device.


  • Works extremely well – This isn’t any attempt at cloning the media player, the media player available on Android works very well. The interface and sound matches the Windows phone 7 media player.
  • Free – The app is available to download for free


  • Beta – The app is currently in beta. This means that are a few issues such as no icon. However, there are no deal breakers.
  • Not around for long? There is no question that Microsoft aren’t going to be happy with this. They could hit Federico with lawsuits, but then again, launchers that emulate the Windows phone 7 experience have been around for a while now without any problems.


This app is a great music player. It looks great, has a nice interface and works well. As it is nearly identical to Microsoft’s Zune player, we will have to wait and see if it has a future. For now, if you like the sound of the music player, side load it onto your Android device by downloading it here.

Update: The developer has made it clear that the WP7 design will be just a theme and there will be many different themes you can choose from.

Source: (@fedecarnales, Engadget)



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2 Comments on "Download Windows phone 7 zune player for your Android"

  1. Syed Shoaib June 19, 2011 at 1:31 pm · Reply

    Awesome… thanks a ton to Fredrico

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