Get calls from unknown numbers? Use Truecaller to instantly identify them and/or block them

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The Address book is a great feature on a mobile. It lets you know who is calling you before you pick up the phone. The problem is that if you don’t have a number in your address book then your mobile won’t tell you who is calling you. A new Android app called Truecaller fixes this problem. When you get a call from an unknown caller the app will automatically search for the contact online. A message will popup in front of the phone app with the result.

The app searches many online websites such as Google, Facebook and Linkedin to match the number with the name of the caller and other details.


As well as identifying unknown callers, Truecaller has many other features:

  • Update missing information in your address book - You can use the app to fill in missing information of your contacts. For example, you may have a contact which only has a number listed. The app will search on the web and will try to find the address and other details of the contact to add into the contact details.
  • Detect location of call – Not only will the app try to identify who is calling, it will also display the area and country of the caller.
  • Social network integration - You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account so you can see your friends profile picture and latest status messages when calling them and receiving calls from them.
  • Block numbers - If you get a cold call or want to block someone from calling you, you can use TrueCaller to block those numbers.
  • Block unknown callers - You can also block unknown numbers from calling you. If you only want to be contacted by people who know your number, this may be a useful feature.
  • Search directory – Aswell as automatically searching the Truecaller directory when receiving a call from an unknown number, you can manually search for numbers.


  • Very useful – The ability to identify unknown numbers and control who calls you is very useful.
  • Instant – The app will find contact details in a few seconds when you receive a call from an unknown number.
  • Easy to use – The app is designed very well and makes customizing settings as well as using features very easy.


  • Privacy concerns - The app gives you an option in set up to get access to millions of more search results by sharing phone numbers from your phone book with them. You may want to say know to this if you would rather not let a company store your private contact details. The app also requires a large amount of Facebook permissions. However, you do not have to connect the app to your Facebook account.
  • Doesn’t find number every time - There will be numbers that the app can not find any information for.
  • Needs 3g or Wifi connection - The app will only work if you have a 3g or Wifi connection because its needs to search online for contact details.


True Caller is a very useful app at a great price, free! True Caller gives you lots more control over who can speak to you on your mobile. However, make sure you are careful when setting up the app as there are a few privacy concerns  which can be avoided.

Download app by visiting on your Android mobile


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