Input text easily and fast by speaking, tracing, writing and typing.

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There are many ways of inputting text into your Android device. You can speak, trace, type and write.

  • Speaking – The wonders of voice recognition allow us to speak into our Android devices to input text.
  • Trace – The alternative keyboard Swype, has made tracing popular. Instead of pressing on keys, you swipe between the keys. So if you wanted to type hello you would start on the letter h, swipe through e, l, l and then finish on o.
  • Type – This is the normal way of inputting text on Android, just press on each key to input text.
  • Write – This is the process of using your finger to draw each letter

You could download separate apps for each text input method, or use Flex t9. Flex t9 is an all in one keyboard that does each input type very well.

The voice recognition is much faster than Google’s voice recognition and just as accurate. Tracing is very accurate, even when you miss some of the right letters in a word. The type keyboard is very easy to type on and accurate, the writing feature  is also very easy to use and accurate. All of the keyboards are designed very well and therefore are easy to use, work well and look good.


  • Many ways to input text – It is great to have choice of how you input text into your device. Text input may be suitable for you most of the time but Voice input may be more suitable for you sometimes such as when you are walking.
  • Seamless – Switching from one type of keyboard just involves pressing one button.
  • Work very well – All of the input methods let you input text fast and accurately.
  • Looks good – The design of the Flex t9 Keyboard is great.


  • Price – The Flex t9 keyboard is by no means a fortune but it is one of the most expensive Android keyboards at $4.99 (£3.08)


The Flex t9 keyboard is an expensive but fantastic keyboard for Android. In this case, you get what you pay for! The keyboard looks great and works great. It gives you 4 different ways of inputting text but all are speedy and easy to use. If you don’t mind paying a premium for the best, buy Flex t9 without any hesitation.

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