Repel real mosquitoes with your Android device

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Summer is fast approaching and with Summer comes mosquitoes. You could avoid to go outside in the Summer or you could go with a more sensible solution, downloading the app, Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller.

Anti Mosquito is a free and simple app that has one purpose, to repel mosquitoes. This app may seem too good to be true, but in this case it probably isn’t. The app has hundreds of positive reviews that make it clear this app works very well.

So how does this app work? The app emits a very high frequency sound that insects apparently dislike. You can choose from three different pitches so you need to test all three pitches in your area to see which one works best. The developer does admit that this app is not 100% effective but claims that it will ease the pain of mosquitoes biting you.


  • Very useful – Anti Mosquito is one of those apps that is incredibly useful rather than just fun or somewhat useful.
  • Simple to use – The app is very simple to use. Open the app up, click the big blue button and choose which pitch you want.


  • Some humans can hear the sound – Although the developer claims that most humans can not hear the sound the app emits, I did! I couldn’t hear it very clearly but the sound would be just as successful in repelling me from a room as it would be in repelling the mosquitoes. I am 18 with sensitive ears so if you are considerably older with less sensitive ears then I am sure you won’t hear anything.


Anti Mosquito is a very useful app that you should install if you have problems with mosquitoes in your country and area. The app is free with ads so the app is worth downloading just in case you need it.

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Caleb is an 18 year old student from England. He bought an Android mobile over a year ago and has been a self confessed Android fan ever since. Caleb is passionate about helping people to make the most of their Android.

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  1. Sidrah June 6, 2011 at 7:54 am · Reply

    Good job guys!! I’ve got to have this installed on my device and will see if the desired results are obtained or not. Thanks for sharing the information.

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