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Folders come included with Android. You can add a folder by long pressing on your home screen and then pressing the folders button. Then, just drag apps into the folder and you have an easy way to categorise and open your apps.

GotoApp goes a step further than folders as it is just one mega folder. The app will automatically put your apps into categories which makes it much faster to set up than folders. When you open up GotoApp, you will see a list of the apps you use the most. You can then move to another category of apps such as games or tools by just clicking on the tabs at the top.

GoToApp essentially works like the Android app drawer which is the app that lists every single app installed on your mobile. The difference is that there are category tabs so you can find an app much easier and faster. Finding the Cut the Rope game is much easier when  it is under the games category rather than having to find it hidden somewhere between all of your other apps.

GotoApp will automatically put your apps into categories but the app lets you easily move and delete app icons from their categories.



  • Easy to use – The app is very well designed and the app can be set up in very little time.
  • Saves time – The app saves you time when trying to find an app. It also lets you avoid having to create folders and move apps into them.
  • Customizable – The app is highly customizable as it lets you move and delete apps from categories and also lets you create new folders.


  • No separate category folders – To open up each category such as Games or Tools you need to first open up GotoApp and then click on the categories tab at the top. It would be nice if you could create a category icon like you can do in folders so if you want a game, you can easily get to the game category.


GotoApp is a very well designed app which is very similar to folders but is much easier and faster to set up and makes finding apps simple. There is a free version available which is very capable and also a paid version which costs $2.26 US (£1.38 UK)






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