is Do It (Tomorrow) the perfect todo app for procrastinators?

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It’s easy to tell yourself that you will complete a task later and then never actually getting around to doing it. You could just do things straight away (that’s never gonna happen), or you could use Do it tomorrow and embrace your procrastination.

Do it tomorrow is like any to do list app as it lets you type in a task and then click to cross off the task when you have completed it. The difference is that when you decide to procrastinate, the task will move on to the next day. The app doesn’t actually feature any deadline functionality. This may frustrate people who like to get things done efficiently. For those who don’t mind when a task gets finished, as long as it is finished, this app is perfect. Once the deadline is past, the task won’t get hidden by all of the new tasks you add, the app will just give you another chance to complete it.

The User Interface is very simple and looks stunning. A task can be added with just a few presses and there are only a few settings that you need to worry about.



  • Great user interface – The app is incredibly easy to use and looks great.
  • Neat idea – The app doesn’t just emulate other to do apps out there. It focuses on procrastinators and the idea is implemented very well.
  • Tasks never get lost – As tasks that are not completed will move on to the next day, tasks will never get lost.


  • Possibly too simple – Some might not like the lack of features and settings.
  • No notifications – As the app does not feature deadlines, you will not get notified when a tasks is due to be completed. This means that if you don’t regularly use the app, tasks may take a while to be completed.


This app is a great example of how apps can be simple and niche, and be better off because of it. The developers have taken an overused app and their own unique touch to it. The app is great for tasks that are not urgent but have to be completed at some  point. The app ensures that you can procrastinate without tasks getting lost and never getting completed. For a free app, Do it tomorrow is incredibly well designed and a must download.






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