Get the little green robot into the festive spirit with Christmas themes

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There are plenty of ways to customize your Android mobile to get into the Christmas spirit. None better than installing a Christmas theme. Luckily, there are many great Christmas themes available. To install a custom theme onto your mobile, you need to have an app called a Launcher. There are many launchers available and you need to decide which launcher you are going to use before you decide which themes to download. I use the Go Launcher EX launcher which is free, works very well and has many themes available for it.

Here is a list of great Christmas themes available for Go Launcher EX:


1. Go Launcher Ex Theme Christmas by ALEFOX

2. GO Locker Christmas Eve Theme by GO Launcher EX

3. MC coming Theme Go Launcher EX


1. Snowman Go Launcher EX Theme by Freedom Design

2. Christmas theme Go Launcher EX by ZT.ART

3. Christmas Go Launcher EX Theme by Sergio Andre Fagundes

There are many more Christmas themes available for Go Launcher EX. Just search for “go launcher ex christmas” on the Android Market


All of the above themes look really great as they customize you’re Android a huge amount with custom wallpapers, icons, docbars, folders, app drawers and much more.

I personally use the free Christmas theme by ALEFOX. It doesn’t cost a penny but is one of my favourite looking themes.


My favourite paid theme is the Snowman theme by Freedom Design. The theme is very customisable and I like the cartoony feel to it.


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