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EasyMoney is a premium app available for use on Android devices. The concept of the app is a relatively simple one. It allows users to manage their finances on the go. EasyMoney has several useful features. It tracks expenses, has a built-in bill reminder, a checking account register, and a budget planner. This makes it incredibly easy for users to view their checking account balances directly on their Android device. The bill reminder makes it virtually impossible to forget the due date of a bill. Users need only set the reminder once and the app will remind them every month when their bill is due.

The EasyMoney app has some useful tools for tracking expenditures. Interactive graphs and charts show users their income and expenses over a customizable range of dates. For example, a user might want to track how much money they spend on a monthly basis on satellite television, such as http://www.directstartv.com. The EasyMoney app will show users the amount of money they’ve spent monthly and yearly on satellite television, as well as any other expenditure they want to track, such as the amount of money spent on groceries, gasoline, or airfare.

Additionally, the EasyMoney app allows users to import and export data into .CSV and .QIF files for seamless integration with computer financial software. Data from the EasyMoney application can also be backed up and saved on an SD card, so users never have to worry about hardware malfunctions.


Overall, the EasyMoney app and its many customizable options make it an ideal choice for Android users who want to stay connected to their finances on the go.

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  1. John January 17, 2012 at 1:09 am · Reply

    The app is only free for 30 days, then you must pay $10 to continue using it.

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