How to turn your Android device into speakers

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Since I’ve been travelling a bit, I’ve been taking my computer around with me. What I haven’t been taking is my speakers as they are too large to carry around. I could and do use earphones but sometimes its nice to have speakers so more than one person can hear.

The solution? To use my Android phone as speakers. To do this, you need two apps, one for your mobile and one for your computer.

First, download Airfoil for your PC. It’s not cheap at $25 but it’s a great app. You can also use the app to stream audio to other devices such as Apple Tv’s, Airport Express units, iPhones and even other computers.

Next, download Airbubble onto your Android mobile. The app has a free trial but will cost $2 to buy.

Once you have download both apps, run both of them. Use Airfoil to select what app you want the audio from and select your Android device from the list. All audio from the selected app will now be played through your Android device.



  • Function – These apps are incredibly useful when paired together. If you don’t have speakers for your computer, you can use your Android instead. Even if you do have speakers, you still may want to use this solution so you can   listen to music around your house on your Android.


  • Price – This isn’t a cheap solution! All together, the apps cost $27. That’s more expensive than nearly every app on the Android Market.
  • Lag – I have found that the audio was out of sync with video I was streaming. This could be a bit frustrating if you are using the apps to replace speakers.
  • Set up – Every time you want to use the speakers, you will have to set it up on both your Android device and computer. This takes time and can be a bit frustrating.


This solution is a brilliant idea and for some, will be incredibly useful. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t without its flaws such as the expensive price and the lag. Despite this, if you like the idea and can afford the apps, go for it!

There is also another solution to get audio from your computer to your Android device. The solution is to use a remote desktop app that supports audio. However, you will also get your desktop streamed to you aswell as the audio.

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Caleb is an 18 year old student from England. He bought an Android mobile over a year ago and has been a self confessed Android fan ever since. Caleb is passionate about helping people to make the most of their Android.

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