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One of the joys of owning an Android is having the ability to use live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are apps that make interactivity with your wallpaper a possibility. In the case of Flickr my Wallpaper, you have the ability to rotate images downloaded from Flickr as your wallpaper. This means that your wallpaper will change giving you something a little different to stare at every so often.

Installing Flickr my Wallpaper is as easy as downloading and installing it from the Google Play Market and then finding it in your list of live wallpapers (menu–>wallpaper–>live wallpapers). Choosing to use it and to set it up is almost just as simple. You can also tweak some settings to make it work in a way that’s best for you.


Once you choose the Flickr my Wallpaper live wallpaper, you can proceed to the settings section to make your tweaks. One of the cool options is the ability to use tags in order to find the images you’d like to see. For instance, I’ve been using the tag “Adirondacks” and I only get images tagged as “Adirondacks” on Flickr.


Make sure you enable using tags and that you enter your desired tag. You can also choose to have the app search Flickr every hour for a new image, just to keep things fresh. If you’d like to save data, check the box next to “download only over WiFi” so your not downloading until you’ve got a proper connection.

Flickr my Wallpaper does a good job keeping your Android experience fresh by making sure you’ve always got a new wallpaper on your phone. Indeed, it does do a good job at what it does.



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