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To continue the series about blogging using your Android (check out some apps for popular blogging services), we’d like to share with you how you can stay on top of Google Analytics and newsletter subscribers with just a few simple apps. This way, even when you are away from your trusty computer, you can just pull out your Android and keep up.

First, let’s look at blog analytics and which Android apps make this possible.

mAnalytics and Analytics Widget

mAnalytics is an awesome Google Analytics app that really puts the power of the Google service at the tips of your finger. Quite a while ago I wrote a review on this app on my own site but I believe it really deserves another mention because of how far it has come since then.


When I first came across the app, it only gave a few of the basic categories of information to analyze but the app has come a long way and really offers so much more.


The Analytics Widget app is really only good at one thing: giving the basics in a 1×1 Android widget. You can choose whether you want to have shown the daily pageviews or number of visits. It automatically updates but tapping the widget will update it on demand.

MailChimp Android App

MailChimp is seriously one of the best free web-based newsletter managers out there. MailChimp is free for even fairly large mailing lists giving powerful tools for handling email newsletters. When I found out they had a MailChimp Android app out (also free) I was elated.

No, you can’t create and send out newsletters from the Android app but you can keep an eye on subscriber counts and campaign analytics.


The cool thing about the Google Play Market is that companies that you deal with on a daily basis may just be in the process of releasing an app to make your life easier and more mobile. Don’t use Google Analytics (many bloggers do)? Check the market for your service of choice. The same goes for newsletter services. How do you think I found these apps there?

So, yes, your Android can make even your blogging life easier by giving you access you site and newsletter analytics on the go.

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