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Ever since rooting and flashing a ROM, I’ve been happy with some of the apps that the Go Dev Team has put out, in particular Go Contacts and Go Dialer. After I said goodbye to the HTC Sense UI, I went on a search for a dialer/contact manager in which I could easily dial contacts simply by typing their names into the keypad, just like the Sense dialer.

Introduction to the Go SMS Pro app

Since finding the Go Dev Team, I’d have to say I’m impressed. The most recent app I came across by them is the Go SMS Pro messaging app. I think it’s polished, good to look at, and it works great. There are several features that have really caught my attention though.

1. Popup message notifications

Here on AndroidTipGuys we’ve covered an app that brings new SMS messages to your attention via a popup window (SMS Popup). The app works wonderfully and does exactly what it’s supposed to. After a little testing of the Go SMS Pro app, I realized that it had that feature built right in. This means that there is no need for a separate app.

From the popup message, you can choose to close it, reply to it, delete it, or even add it to a to-do list.

2. Themes

Although I’m pretty plain and I’m happy to stick with the original look, Go SMS Pro actually offers the ability to apply themes. You can find many free and premium themes in the Play Market.

Once downloaded, just go to menu->theme and choose the “Installed” tab.

3. Conversation styles

Go SMS Pro gives the choice to either view conversations in a list view or a bubble view. After two years of no adventure and refusing to change from the plain old list view, I finally decided to try out bubbles for a bit. Corny, eh?

4. Backup and restore

You can also choose to backup all of your settings should you accidentally uninstall the app. You can set up automatic backups to your SD card or your mailbox.


I have totally decided to replace my homescreen shortcut to the default messaging app to the Go SMS Pro app, at least for now. The app works and looks great and right now fills all my SMS needs.


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  1. Matt July 9, 2012 at 5:21 pm · Reply

    Sweet, this app looks dope, just downloaded and I love it so far!

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