How to find your lost Android when the ringer is off

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Who hasn’t misplaced their phone and had a difficult time because their ringer just happened to be off? You can search and search and even have someone else call it for you and you can listen as carefully as you can for the faint sound of vibration but still nothing. If you’ve got an Android phone, you need to know there is no reason for all this fuss.

There are apps, free apps, that make it so simple to get your phone to make noise so you can find it easily. Most of these apps offer more tools for finding your phone as well so choose one that best suits your needs. Either way, they can get you out of a pinch if you ever lose your phone. Check out these apps for making your phone make noise so you can find your misplaced phone.

Where’s My Droid (Google Play link)

It has claimed the spot as the “Original ‘Find Your Phone’ App on Android” and it’s still doing its job in a wonderful way. For our purposes, Where’s My Droid has two ways in which you can make your phone ring (or sound an alarm) even when the sound is off. First, you can set up an “attention word” that when texted to your phone, either the ringer or an alarm will sound. You can also go to the website and activate the ringer via the “Commander.”

Other features of Where’s My Droid include finding your phone via GPS, more control options from the Commander, passcode protection, notification of changed phone number or SIM card, and white/black list controlling who can control the app through text.

Lost Phone (Google Play link)

Lost Phone is a simple app that functions almost exclusively via text messages. If you want to find a phone with its ringer turned off, it doesn’t necessarily make it sound an alarm. What it does do is turn the ringer back to max so that you can go ahead and call it using another phone.

Other features of Lost Phone you can activate via text messages are as follows: lock lost phone, locate phone (a message is returned to the sending phone containing a link to Google Maps locating the phone), and lock phone and sends messages to contacts should the SIM card be changed.

Warning: The app, although through testing appears to be working properly, has not been updated since October 2010, and even the website included in the Play Store listing has been abandoned.

Android Lost (Google Play link)

Android Lost is another app that gives much control over a lost phone via remote control using their website. One of the options is to activate an alarm along with making the phone flash. There also happens to be the obligatory SMS features one of which being activating an alarm.

There are many more features included in Android Lost, most of which is accessed via the website. Many of these features are common security features such as locking and wiping the phone, erase SD card and and locate via GPS or network. There are many more features such as start and stop GPS and WiFi, get call list, take pictures via front and rear cameras, and make your phone speak with text-to-speech.

Lookout Security and Antivirus (Google Play link)

Even though Lookout is actually a full-fledged security app, it has the function of activating an alarm should you need to find your phone. Lookout allows for managing your phone over the Internet, including stuff like backup and security management.

I’m sure many security apps in the Play Store also offer features that could help should your phone be misplaced. It happens to be a standard security feature.


There you have 4 Android apps that can have your phone make noise even when the ringer is off, just so you can find it should you misplace it. I’m sure there are many more apps that can help you do the same thing. If you have a favorite, whether or not it is listed here, please do share in the comments section.

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