Google Navigation will finally have the ability to map offline (for real)

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Ever since getting my first Android phone, I have loved using the Navigation app to help me get where I’m going, sometimes whether I really need it or not. Androids (and smartphones in general) are good at picking up all kinds of tasks and replacing a regular GPS unit is one of those tasks. There has been a downside though. If you loose 3G coverage, you could be left in the dark.

Other GPS units allow for downloading full maps without constantly needing an internet connection. That’s one of their only real advantages (ok, I’m sure they’ve got other bells and whistles too). Finally, FINALLY, Google has come up with the idea to include offline mapping in the Navigation app. Why it hasn’t been there before now, you got me.

This new feature has only just been announced and a date for the upgrade isn’t even leaked yet. Hopefully soon. We’ll do our best to keep you updated. Meanwhile, check out Android.Appstorm’s article on Google’s latest Navigation announcements.

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One Comment on "Google Navigation will finally have the ability to map offline (for real)"

  1. alexLime July 2, 2012 at 2:23 pm · Reply

    I’m not really into Navigation apps, or any GPS features. Feels like I am always being watched.

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