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    Error message in Viewpad 7E recovery menu

    I am in the recovery menu of my new Android Viewpad 7E tablet and now when I try to go for the update I get the error message as E: unknown volume for path [/sdcard]. What does this error mean? Anyone got this error before or so? Will it be possible for us to fix this?

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    alancore2duo Array
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    Re: Error message in Viewpad 7E recovery menu

    It means that no recovery is installed,i recommend you to install clockworkmod recovery to your device as fast as possible,before anything happens to your device,as in that case you win't be able to do anything without cwm

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    Pruthvi raj Array
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    Re: Error message in Viewpad 7E recovery menu

    As per your query..

    In your device recovery is not installed properly so these type of error ill possible..,

    To skip from those issues now so many recovery software available in the play store

    Data recovery, Rom recovery,Recoveryapp

    Like this apps are check once and proceed in your device..

    which are too help full to you..To avoid These type of issues scan your device with anti virus software..

    And clear cache and check for the updates and proceed to it.

    Hope you got it.Thank you.

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