Our Favorite Apps

Android Apps are beginning to rule the roost for Apps. These apps have so far been mostly used with tablet devices, but are fantastic on all Android devices, particularly Android smart phones. Our Favorite Android Apps are apps that are mostly renowned around the world already. Utilize tips and tricks along with these apps and you will maximize the potential of your smartphone.

Some of Our Favorite Android Apps are presented below for your pleasure:

pulse sms app

Android Messages or Pulse SMS: There are numerous fantastic SMS Apps. But two lead the pack. They are Android Messages and Pulse SMS. Android SMS is a simple and basic App which is free, without any frills, but is effective and efficient. But Pulse SMS is special. It features dual-SIM support, identified spammers, a blacklist of the usual, password protected conversations, GIF support, Theming, and many more. SMS messaging from the desktop are additionally offered. But Pulse SMS is chargeable, generally at a subscription monthly or one-time basis. Pulse SMS is now also open source, since 2020. Textra is one more immense alternative, provided desktop texting is not required.

Solid Explorer: Almost all mobile users are into file browsing, and this is a superb choice. This belongs easily to the “best in the category” class. Featured are archiving support, support for the best known cloud services, material Design, and top grade power features like WebDav, FTP, SFPT, and SMB/CIFS support. Looks fabulous, it works perfectly and has inbuilt stability. This is easily the best File Manager on Android.

swiftkey keyboard app

SwiftKey: This is one of the most customizable and power packed third-party keyboards. Its only recent in the market, but with a predictive engine unlike any so far. While the download is free, other themes can also be purchased for it if desired. Among its features is a SwiftKey Flow to allow gesture typing, dedicated number row, multiple language support, cross device syncing of library and several more. Though SwiftKey is now owned by Microsoft, it still remains the original super App. Of course, Google‘s keyboard App, GBoard, is reckoned to be equally good, and occupies the Second place only narrowly.

Nova Launcher: This is a launcher for all seasons, having been there for a while. Constantly updated, Nova has always been at the top. Fantastic features such as designing icon theme, the capacity to back up and restore the home screen, numerous customizing elements for the app drawer and the home screen, and so on. It can include gesture control, take on icon swipe actions and unread count badges for Apps,. There are of course simpler launchers , like Hyperion, Rootless and Lawnchair, but this as close as one can get to the absolutely high end Pixel Launcher, without spending all the money.

MNF App: This would be classified as an adults only app. By far the best app for adult fun. MeetnFuck is the best hookup dating app. It is strictly for casual sex with no strings attached. The find a fuckbuddy feature allows you to meet local girls or guys that are looking to meet for sex. This app is definitely NSFW, so don’t browse their hookup blog or view profiles of their sex app users unless you have some privacy.

tinder dating app

Tinder: This is another app that is great for adult fun. We like Tinder because of its versatility. You can use it for hookups and casual dating or if you are looking for something more serious. With all the other dating apps that have come out recently, none of them deliver the same way.

Podcast Addict: This is a Favorite of podcast fans. It has a simple and effective UI, tons of organizational features, oodles of playback and download features, and almost every podcast in circulation. At the same time, it has a single-cost premium version. Podcasts can be browsed buy category, or by searching. It supports both SONOS and Chromecast, along with Android Auto and Wear OS. Pocket casts, CastBox, Doggcatcher are the main competition, but Podcast Addict has beaten them all.

Last Pass Password Manager: This app, amongst all the Android apps, has an essential function. It is a password manager that saves the User’s login details in a secure manner. It can also help to generate passwords that would beggar the imagination of any password hacker. These are practically unfeasible passwords for the User to use on personal accounts. And a Master Password controls it. It has cross-platform bear and can be used on mobile devices, desktops, tablets and so on. While there are several competitors, Last Pass always seems to be a step ahead. The Last Pass authenticator is a companion app that can add deep security. It is also quite cheap for the premium version.

bouncer app

Bouncer: Bouncer works on an extraordinary premise. Like a well trained security officer at a residential complex, Bouncer offers temporary permits of entry to visitors which are valid until the visitor leaves. Like any one-time pass these permits expire as soon as the visit is completed. For example, Bouncer grants temporary permission to allow Facebook to access the User’s location, long enough to check into a place, and as soon as the User leaves the Facebook this permission expires. Google is improving the permission features with each version of Android, but Bouncer is still the best in the market.

1Weather: This is easily the best Weather app available in the market. Its simple formative design shows the current weather, the forecast for up-to 12 weeks etc. It also features weather radar and other fun statistics. There are severe weather notifications and storm alerts. Its free version features a lot of advertising, but if this is tiresome, the User can opt for a minimal charge and remove all the irritating ads. AccuWeather and Today Weather are the other great weather apps.

Google Search/Google Feed/Google Assistant: This app is extremely powerful and is compatible for the maximum Android devices. The User simply downloads the app and enables it. The User can now ask whatever he/she wants. A number of commands are also supported by the Assistant. Not just asking regarding population control or making it do simple mathematics problems, it can even control lights for the User. An array of devices extends this functionality even further, like, Bluetooth headphones Bose QC II.

Waze and Google Maps: Google Maps is the single monolithic presence on the navigation app scene. Apart from the basics, Google Maps can give the User access to traffic data, interesting places, directions to notable places and so on.

Google Drive: This offers an Android based Cloud storage solution. The first 15GB is free upon signing up. More is available for purchase, which can be single payment or monthly subscription. There is an awesome suite of Android apps attached to Google Drive which includes Gmail, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Keep Notes and so on.

Did we miss any of your favorite apps? Let us know if you have apps that you would like to see on this list.

New Android 11 Features Unveiled

It is that time of the year when the mobile users will be waiting with bated breath to get their hands on the new Android update! According to a study, Android takes up almost exactly around two-thirds (64%) of smartphone mobile market share. With such a sizeable chunk, it is always a challenge to cater to those trusted android phone users.

Now let us look into what’s in store for us in the latest Android 11 update. Keep in mind that it is still in the beta testing phase.

The first Android 11 preview came in mid-February and the second preview came along in March. The first look of this is impressive, but the final version is expected to land in the 3rd quarter of the year. Currently, it is not advisable to install the new version on your phone as there could be few glitches and most of the new features will not be accessible.

Latest Features of Android 11

  • Native screen recording

Google is dabbling with having this feature in the earlier versions, but the much-awaited feature has finally come in Android 11.

  • Muting notifications during a video call

Receiving a notification bang in the middle when you are recording a video of your new-born baby, fret not, the new feature allows you to mute notifications while you are recording your favorite video.

  • Increase touch sensitivity

With smartphones being used in every nook and corner of the house and office, people using screen protector to avoid broken screens can heave a sigh of relief as Google has added this feature, which means fewer missed taps and scrolls. This can be enabled in the settings menu, where you get an option to increase the touch sensitivity.

  • Notification History

With the previous Android versions, it didn’t have the option to view the older notifications as it was hidden for the users. The new Android 11 version lets you do so and it promises to be a pretty useful one.

  • Revoke app permissions automatically

This is an impressive feature, where users can control revoking the permissions for the apps by turning on the new setting, which they intend not to use after a few months. The new feature has an option of revoking permissions like applications, camera, and location which haven’t been used for a while. This is more valuable than ever as many applications are constantly collecting you data and information from map applications to social media apps and dating apps. A well known illustration of this was with the free sex app Local Sex Finder in which their fuck in your city feature used permission to access casual daters’ location to match people looking for local hookups. However, the app also collected this information to send targeted advertisements based on location. Now these permissions can be revoked or customized.

Updated/Revamped Features

  1. Revamped overview menu and screenshots shortcuts
  2. Undoing recently cleared apps
  3. Ability to expel continuous app notifications
  4. Granular back gesture tweaking
  5. Airplane mode does not deactivate Bluetooth
  6. Pixel theme gets clock tweaks
  7. Pixel 4 Motion sense option
  8. Pixel 4 face unlock
  9. Pinning of app in the share menu
  10. Improved shade conversation notifications
  11. Conversation bubbles
  12. Context-aware dark mode
  13. Enhanced one-time permissions

Besides the above features, Android 11 hints at few additional features which will be rolled out in the final version such as scrolling screenshots, reverse wireless charging for Pixel 5, multi-colored quick settings icon, and revamped power menu. There are also a variety of developer-based updates that are viewed only by the tech-savvy since they are more technical.

There are still more changes that are under the counter, such as enhanced support for folding, pinhole, and waterfall displays., 5G integration, enhanced privacy and security, and much more. We have plenty more to say on that front when the device rolls around in May.

Android Tips & Tricks

Android smart phone users are often unaware the extraordinary capabilities of their apps. So here are some unique Android tips and tricks.

Some of the best, yet little known, Android tips and tricks, now follow:

smart lock app feature
  • Smart Lock: It is important to secure the information on the smart phone, especially of a personal nature, but not always in the same complicated fashion. Sometimes when the User feels he or she is in a secure zone, such as one’s own home, the locking may not be as rigorous. Android provides a “Smart Lock” option, which uses the comparatively easier-to-use option of one’s own face, GPS locations and so on, to create an instantly usable password. The method is this: go to “Settings”, then “Security”, and “Smart Lock”, and its set up and ready to use.
  • Independent Volume Settings: Android can help the User change the volume independently. To do this, one has to tap the physical volume buttons on the phone, and wait for the volume setting to show up. Tap the arrow on the box, manually adjust the sliders needed, and the independent volume control is activated.
  • Default App Clearance: Some links open up and load the corresponding app, when all that the User desired was to load it into the browser. To clear the default app listing, one has to go to “Settings”, then “Apps”, and find out the app to be cleared. Select “Open by Default”, then “Clear Default”.
  • Priority Mode Swapping: Android also has a “Do Not Disturb” mode, which not many Users know about. It’s a bit like the sign on a hotel room. It can allow notifications to come through selectively, while all others are blocked. To do this, first go to “Settings”, then “Sound & Notification”, and finally, “Do Not Disturb”. Now settings can be changed to suit, and allow only specific notifications through. “Quick settings” can be used to turn on and off this option.
  • Wireless Networks: Android apps on smart phones can change wireless networks quickly. Situations where one needs to use the network available at a hotel or resort, or even use some other User’s network instead of the User’s hotspot, can easily be opted for. For this, one does not need to go to “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi”, but simply swipe down twice on the screen (from top to bottom). Then open the “Quick Settings” menu. Click the network presently connected to, and the entire list of networks surrounding will be displayed. Now swap to an eligible network.
  • Phone data Encryption: Securing the information on the Android phone is actually quite easy. Go to “Settings”, then choose “Security”. Select “the “Encrypt Phone” option. This sometimes slows down the phone, especially if an older version of Android is used. But it is an essential function, and absolutely necessary to protect whatever information (personal or other) is held valuable to the User.
  • Accidentally Closed Notifications: Sometimes important notifications get swiped away by mistake, which need to be recovered. For this a simple tip is to tap and hold on to an empty part of the phone’s home screen. Then select the “Choose widgets” option, and look at “Settings”. Drag the icon to a space on the home screen, and from the list that pops up, select “Notifications Log”. Tap the icon. Now it is possible to scroll through all of the Device’s notifications.
  • One Handed Mode: Android is universal, but phone sizes vary widely. Some can be quite clumsy to handle. But affected Mobile Users can opt for the special one-handed mode if they want, by using a shortcut on Google’s keyboard. This feature already exists as a default option on Google’s own Pixel or Nexus phone, but for Users with other phones running on Android, like Samsung, LG or Xiaomi, this keyboard must be downloaded for use.
  • Locking Out: Android can ensure that certain sections of a personal phone which contain private information, data, photos, videos etc., are protected from casually falling into the wrong hands unintentionally. A few buttons pressed can mean that, even if the phone is lent to someone else for some moments, some areas will be locked out until the phone lock screen code is entered. Only the re-entry of the code will open that area once more.
  • Casting: Android has saved one of its most delightful tricks for obsessed TV watchers. They can now cast their favorite TV programs directly from the TV screen to that Universal Device, the Smart Phone. And all that is needed is a Chrome cast or an Android compatible TV. Now Users can also share any pictures or videos on their phones to someone else, or watch YouTube without an external app. It is quite simple: On “Quick Settings”, choose “Cast”. The device will cast the already set up Chromecast.