New Android 11 Features Unveiled

It is that time of the year when the mobile users will be waiting with bated breath to get their hands on the new Android update! According to a study, Android takes up almost exactly around two-thirds (64%) of smartphone mobile market share. With such a sizeable chunk, it is always a challenge to cater to those trusted android phone users.

Now let us look into what’s in store for us in the latest Android 11 update. Keep in mind that it is still in the beta testing phase.

The first Android 11 preview came in mid-February and the second preview came along in March. The first look of this is impressive, but the final version is expected to land in the 3rd quarter of the year. Currently, it is not advisable to install the new version on your phone as there could be few glitches and most of the new features will not be accessible.

Latest Features of Android 11

  • Native screen recording

Google is dabbling with having this feature in the earlier versions, but the much-awaited feature has finally come in Android 11.

  • Muting notifications during a video call

Receiving a notification bang in the middle when you are recording a video of your new-born baby, fret not, the new feature allows you to mute notifications while you are recording your favorite video.

  • Increase touch sensitivity

With smartphones being used in every nook and corner of the house and office, people using screen protector to avoid broken screens can heave a sigh of relief as Google has added this feature, which means fewer missed taps and scrolls. This can be enabled in the settings menu, where you get an option to increase the touch sensitivity.

  • Notification History

With the previous Android versions, it didn’t have the option to view the older notifications as it was hidden for the users. The new Android 11 version lets you do so and it promises to be a pretty useful one.

  • Revoke app permissions automatically

This is an impressive feature, where users can control revoking the permissions for the apps by turning on the new setting, which they intend not to use after a few months. The new feature has an option of revoking permissions like applications, camera, and location which haven’t been used for a while. This is more valuable than ever as many applications are constantly collecting you data and information from map applications to social media apps and dating apps. A well known illustration of this was with the free sex app Local Sex Finder in which their fuck in your city feature used permission to access casual daters’ location to match people looking for local hookups. However, the app also collected this information to send targeted advertisements based on location. Now these permissions can be revoked or customized.

Updated/Revamped Features

  1. Revamped overview menu and screenshots shortcuts
  2. Undoing recently cleared apps
  3. Ability to expel continuous app notifications
  4. Granular back gesture tweaking
  5. Airplane mode does not deactivate Bluetooth
  6. Pixel theme gets clock tweaks
  7. Pixel 4 Motion sense option
  8. Pixel 4 face unlock
  9. Pinning of app in the share menu
  10. Improved shade conversation notifications
  11. Conversation bubbles
  12. Context-aware dark mode
  13. Enhanced one-time permissions

Besides the above features, Android 11 hints at few additional features which will be rolled out in the final version such as scrolling screenshots, reverse wireless charging for Pixel 5, multi-colored quick settings icon, and revamped power menu. There are also a variety of developer-based updates that are viewed only by the tech-savvy since they are more technical.

There are still more changes that are under the counter, such as enhanced support for folding, pinhole, and waterfall displays., 5G integration, enhanced privacy and security, and much more. We have plenty more to say on that front when the device rolls around in May.